Wednesday, May 23, 2012

OM Gosh What a day !
Tonight was my first judging the styling show and let me tell you there were  alot of close scores !
To all of you who participated you all did a fantastic job and It was very difficult to make the final score
Judging is not an easy task :)
But all in all it was a fun experience and I enjoyed it very much
So lots of new things Jay has going on in CWS  world
just to update you on some new things that have been happenening
Sexy Beach Contest         ** Top Finalist **
Ms. Universe Contest      ** Top Finalist**
Ms. Hollywood Contest   ** Top Finalist **
June Cover Model 2012   ** Won **
Logo Model / Beach Contest ** Won **
Logo  Model/ 2012 Styling #2 ** Won **
Logo Model / Anrol's  New Clothing Store ** Won **
So as you can see sl life has been very busy, between styling for photo shoots
writing bios working on the Master styling  contest she is in. and my SL family plus
 working 2 jobs in real life  my  life is very full but i truley love every minute of it
theres always something to learn  and experience :)

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